Open Source

The DebateOS Project is dedicated to the use of Free and Open Source Software alternatives for use in a paperless debate curriculum

Free Debate Alternatives

The DebateOS Project provides free alternatives based on LibreOffice and Linux. It also dedicates time towards free alternatives to wireless file transfers, debating natively in OS X, and "best practices" for teaching paperless debate


The DebateOS Template uses LibreOffice and adheres to the Open Paperless Project. Use and create current Verbatim based debate files on Windows, OS X and Linux based machines.

Community Developed

DebateOS takes development, testing and input from the debate community! The more testers and more input we get from debaters and coaches the better DebateOS gets.

DebateOS – Bullet Train Beta Wave 2

Wave 2 of the DebateOS Bullet Train beta is now available. The livecd...

02nd Aug

debateOS Template 2.0 gets Open Paperless Project approval

Over the past two weeks debateOS has finished up the latest release...

25th Jun
debateOS Template 2.0 gets Open Paperless Project approval gets a facelift!

In an effort to make more streamlined with the nearing advent...

24th Jun gets a facelift!