debateOS Template 2.0 gets Open Paperless Project approval

On June 25, 2012 by C. Grant McCool

Over the past two weeks debateOS has finished up the latest release of our LibreOffice Template and Macros.  This release was a huge update, essentially the equivalent of going from Whitman 2.0 to Verbatim 4.0 and adheres to the recently published Open Paperless Project standards that paperless debate developers are beginning to adopt and agree to.  Finally, the latest update includes installation guide for Linux, Windows and OS X versions of LibreOffice, making it the most consistent paperless debate platform for a team using a diverse range of operating systems.

These standards are important for a variety of reasons.  Most important to debaters is compatibility between templates and even platforms.  LibreOffice produced files using the debateOS Template will work just fine in Microsoft Word when using Verbatim as long as they are exported as .docx files.  Likewise, Verbatim produced .docx files work with the debateOS Template 2.0.  Verbatim users must have Debate.dotm globally attached (Tools → Templates and Add Ins…).

For educators, standardizing the developing end of paperless debating increases consistency across platforms and users, making curriculum development and the teaching of paperless debate much easier.

By being approved as an Open Paperless Project paperless debate system, debateOS can proudly announce it’s compatibility with the following Summer Institutes and debate programs!

Summer Debate Institutes:

  • Spartan Debate Institute
  • Georgetown
  • Cal National Debate Institute
  • Texas (UTNIF)
  • Gonzaga Debate Institute
  • Arizona Debate Institute
  • Georgia Debate Institute
  • Emory
  • Northwestern
  • Kentucky
  • Kansas
  • Whitman National Debate Institute

College Templates:

  • Wake Forest
  • Whitman College
  • Michigan State University
  • Cal Berkeley

High School Templates:

  • Woodward
  • St. Marks
  • Carrolton
  • Ballard High School
  • St. Ignatius

Here is an example of debateOS Template 2.0 working with Verbatim 3.0 files freshly downloaded of Open Evidence from the SDI 2010-2011 Space topic.  SDI made use of Verbatim 3.0, last summer.

debateOS Template 2.0 Speech creation demo from debateOS: Ubuntu for Debaters an on Vimeo.

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  • Hi,
    I am a WCSU debate alumni pursuing a master’s in Computer Science. May I please help with this project? I would like to give back to the debate community as it gave a lot in life.

    Thank you,

  • Priya, please e-mail me at cgrant (at)

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